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Traditional Hall Zaffe

Since 2014, we've been the zaffe specialists and have experience in numerous zaffe styles including Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian, and Iraqi. We collaborate with you and your guests and can customize every detail.


We'll give you an uplifting zaffe guaranteed to be a highlight of the night! Expect a large group of performers with multiple instruments including drums, derbake, daff, bagpipes and trumpet.

House Zaffe

From the moment we arrive, the celebration begins! Expect lots of drumming, singing and energy to start the day. This is your time to gather with your family and close friends to kick off your celebration the traditional way. 


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Drumming Grand Entrance

Leave it to Sooriana's professional drummers to make your grand entrance a highlight of the night! Our authentic drummers perform a beautifully choreographed dance which you will not see anywhere else. We guarantee that everybody will be on their feet to welcome you to the sound of Lebanese drummers!

Looking to customize your Grand Entrance?

To elevate your special night, a curated live band with specialized performers can highlight your grand entrance! This addition elevates the energy in the room and sets the stage for you. 

Don't forget to ask us about our live violin, saxophone, trumpet, guitar and derbake band!

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Sword & Dabke Show

Get the evening started with dabke for your guests to join. Our Sword & Dabke Show combines the elegance of choregraphed sword dancing with dabke moves. It's a unique addition to the night, and finishing with dabke that your guests can join on and get the dance floor going. 


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Thank you for your interest in our services!

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